About This Site

Why should I read this site?

If you describe yourself as a geek, this might be the site for you. If you enjoy probability and statistics or are just learning about those topics and you describe yourself as a geek, this site is definitely for you! Stats for Geeks is all about revealing cool details about incredibly nerdy topics.

What kind of topics does the site cover?

The intersection of board games and statistics was the inspiration behind this site, since I love both. Expect a lot of articles on that. But really, anything incredibly geeky. If I had the data to write about predicting crowd behavior at theme parks, you would see it. Just don€™t expect articles about sports. Not my thing.

What are those funny bits of code in the articles?

I write most of my blog posts in R Markdown, some in Python with Markdown. Don€™t know what those are? That€™s OK. It just means that occasionally you will see little code snippets written using the statistical programming language R or Python. Feel free to ignore or skip €™em. If you know what they are, play around with them! I also try to include a GitHub repo for each post, so you can reproduce all my results.

Who are you?

What is this? An interrogation? Go read some articles already!