How Twitter Feels About David Bowie

I was working on a post involving game theory and Condottiere when the news broke that David Bowie passed. To say he was an inspiration to me is an understatement. When my son was a newborn, he was colicky and would cry non-stop. One night, I put on every David Bowie song I could think of and just danced with him in my arms. He fell asleep somewhere around “Let’s Dance.” 

This isn’t about statistics, but I decided to use the twitteR package in R to pull the 5,000 most-recent tweets containing the words “David Bowie” and then use the tm and wordcloud packages to create a nice visualization. Some of the words are fitting, like “courageous” and “legend.” It also proves that some people on Twitter have no idea how to spell “Bowie.” Nevertheless, the following word cloud shows how much Bowie inspired others as a musician, an artist and a human being. Rest in peace.