New Timezone, Same Tomfoolery

Apologies for my prolonged absence. I had to pilot a Honda Fit full of our belongings and one terrified cat from Oakland, CA, to Washington, D.C. Since this is a site about nerdy stats, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about “How long did it take?”, etc., I decided to share some of the details here.

We traveled 2,821.3 miles, mostly I-80 through California all the way to Pennsylvania before heading southeast down into Maryland. There were two of us, so I hope you don’t get the idea that one driver going 777 miles in one day is a good idea. It’s not.

Miles Traveled States
Day 1 609.2 2
Day 2 777.7 2
Day 3 736.4 2
Day 4 698.0 5

My favorite part about living on the East Coast is visible in the table above. All the states out west are so massive that it takes days to get through some of them. (I’m looking at you, Nevada.) And there are often long stretches of nothing. But on the last day we passed through five states in only 698 miles! Compare that with the first day, where it took us all day just to get across California and Nevada. The next day was Utah and Wyoming at 777 miles, the longest and most exhausting day of the trip.

It’s great to be home again (I lived in D.C. for a decade before moving out West), and I hope to continue more of the same here at Stats for Geeks.