Can You Solve Dead Drop in the First Round? Pt. 2

If you haven’t read the first post on this topic, “Can You Solve Dead Drop in the First Round?,” I looked at the card game Dead Drop and ran some simulations to determine if it’s possible to use conditional probability to successfully determine the drop card in the first round, as the article’s title suggests. It was long and full of math. I figured, how can I top that?

Can You Solve Dead Drop in the First Round?

Dead Drop is a fantastic card game by Jason Kotarski with a relatively simple premise. There is a deck of 13 cards. One card, known as the “drop,” is placed face down in front of the players and one card per player is placed face up on the table and referred to collectively as “the stash.” The rest of the cards are distributed between the players, who are then tasked with keeping their hands a secret. The goal: Be the first player to correctly guess the number on the “drop” card. If your guess is wrong, you’re out of the

The Robber Strikes Again

If you’ve played Settlers of Catan, you are most likely familiar with the following scenario: Say you picked a great spot for one of your settlements at the beginning of the game and the resources have been pouring in so much that you haven’t been able to use them all. Another player rolls a seven and BOOM you’ve lost half your hand.